Instagram Marketing done Right

Instagram Marketing: Are You Making It Right?

Part of the Facebook brand portfolio (after being acquired by the company in 2012 for $ 1 billion), Instagram has a base of 600 million users and is widely used in the country.

In fact, Brazil is the second country with the most registered in the social network that registers 1 million users per month in the country.

Many companies are already publicizing their business and diversifying their marketing strategies on Instagram. In this year 2017 is estimated global revenue of $ 2.81 billion sale of advertising space on the network in the format mobile, beating giants of the market like Google and Twitter.

The numbers show that there is a huge potential for your audience to be on Instagram. How about taking advantage of these potentialities?

To do so, check out the platform's outreach options below, understand what's changed with Instagram Ads, and learn the best practices for getting the best results possible. Come on?


Instagram Ads debuted in Brazil in April 2015, offering not only the media space, but also consulting and creative partnership services for agencies and advertisers. By linking Instagram to your Facebook account, you can manage platform ads.

The setup is simple and fast. You can even create ads on Instagram directly via Facebook even without an account in the application. But it is always recommended to research if your audience makes use of Instagram and, if appropriate, create a business account to be linked to Facebook.

It's also important to look at the character limit when building integrated campaigns, since Facebook and Instagram work with different thresholds. Fields such as the ad title on Facebook, for example, are discarded by Instagram Ads. It is always important to remember to check the suitability of each ad to the desired format.

The service also makes it possible to use call-to-action buttons like "Learn More", "Buy Now", "Contact Us", and more. In this way, the Instagram Ads ad can encourage the public to take the desired action and generate results for your business.


Each company attracts a different audience profile. Research instagram keywords in advance of your market segment so you and your team can see the possibilities that the channel offers and plan your marketing strategy on Instagram properly.

Some 93% of luxury goods brands, for example, have a presence in Instagram, with fashion and retail segments being the most growing presence in the network. Companies that are more focused on B2B and other segments can focus more on other social media, such as LinkedIn.


With the audience defined, it's time to know what lead generation strategies can be implemented with Instagram. Marketing on Instagram, because it is an extremely visual medium, has spaces for well defined CTAs that should be maximized.

It all starts with the profile biography, in which you can present your company in a manner appealing to your followers, in addition to linking to the corresponding website, blog or landing page.

Another format widely used in Instagram are the videos, although photos are still the champion of engagement. Take advantage of the content to redirect your audience to an external link relevant to the campaign.


Being a mobile application, it is vital that the landing pages, websites and blogs involved in your marketing action on Instagram are responsive, that is, tailored and with good visualization on mobile devices.

Even considering the current market that registers 90% penetration of smartphones in Brazil, responsive content is almost mandatory regardless of how your digital campaign is structured.


By sharing the structure of Facebook Ads, Instagram has segmentation tools in the same format. Numerous filters can be used, all based on information provided by users on both networks.

It is always recommended to conduct tests with different audiences and analyze the results, optimizing the return on investment made in the campaign.

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