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The best tools to work marketing on Instagram

which accompanies our blog, you already know the potential of marketing strategies in Instagram and its most appropriate practices. However, Instagram's basic features may not be enough to meet your needs when designing a campaign and working on marketing your business on the network.

Remember: 70% of Instagram users said they had contacted a brand on the platform, and yours needs to be in evidence in that space.

So it's time to learn about some complementary tools that can help marketing Instagram to deliver even more effective results for your business. Follow us!



Organizing Instagram's business profile management can be cumbersome, especially when working with more than one account or a number of other brand social networking channels.

With Instamizer you can schedule postings and schedule the time of publication of each of them, even allowing the management of different accounts in Instagram.

In addition, Instamizer allows you to post videos directly from the desktop, saving the battery and processing of your mobile device.

It is important to note that Instamizer's post scheduling service in its free version is somewhat limited, offering only the option to manage a single Instagram profile and setting a limit of 8 posts per month.

It is recommended that you sign one of the plans that most closely matches your business need if you want to take unlimited advantage of Instamizer management solutions.


Iconosquare, formerly known as Statigram, provides data monitoring that is indispensable for your marketing management on Instagram.

From your account, the tool offers general information like average likes, more tanned publications, among other data. Iconosquare also generates monthly graphs indicating engagement, performance, growth rate of followers and several other categories.

In addition to being a useful tool for analyzing data, analyzing competition, and generating insights on how marketing in your brand's Instagram is performing, Iconosquare offers the possibility of scheduling and organizing postings and even the function of finding more users aligned to be influencers of your business on Instagram!

The free 14-day initial plan gives you a comprehensive overview of the tool if you want to try it out.


Latergram is another planning and scheduling tool for Instagram publications, but with a focus on post preview and simple editing functions.

The tool has a free initial plan and paid plans according to the company's needs, offering unlimited scheduling of Instagram posts and even other networks, as well as a metrics analysis program to better monitor your marketing campaign in the market. Instagram.


One limitation of Instagram is in relation to its possibilities of link building. Soldsie is an interesting tool precisely because it uses the only link allowed by the social network - the profile description - to display sales and transform your company's Instagram profile into a sort of virtual store, making click-through and sales are generated more easily.

Simply register the products in the tool and create the post via Soldsie, allowing the user to have access to product information that would be harder to deploy without the tool.

Soldsie works in the browser and offers free and paid plans according to the number of monthly clicks.


The impact of social media is increasing in business results. They are a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy and represent opportunities for attracting, relating and converting new customers and businesses.

If, in the old days, it was possible to manage these channels internally, today, without the aid of automation tools such as those presented here, this task may become impossible. There are currently over 200 different social media. Imagine how much time it would take to post, reply to messages and measure results on so many pages!

Of course, your company probably is not in all of them. But even if your brand is only on Instagram, as we have seen, there are several procedures that demand constant attention and involvement. And with time getting more scarce, nothing better than having solutions (and many of them free!), That help us to optimize our time and our results, right?

Does your company already use any of these tools to support your Instagram marketing strategy? Share your feedback experience!

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