The future of Instagram

What to expect from social networks from now on?

The future of digital marketing, more specifically when we talk about marketing actions in social networks, will bring new possibilities and trends that will impact communication and the way companies interact and engage their audience.

Here are some insights into what we can expect from social networking going forward, based on the changes that are already occurring right now, and see how your business can improve the direct relationship with your consumer. Come on?


According to a survey by We Are Social Media, Facebook generates 9 billion video views daily, representing a 700% growth over the last three years.

In addition, users are consuming live video content (via streaming) three times as much as for shared videos that have already been recorded.

We are at the forefront of a social network whose video content may increasingly be the norm rather than the exception. With video postings on Facebook generating 135% more organic reach than photo ads, incorporating the audio-visual format into your social networking marketing strategies will soon be a necessity.

But it's not enough just to adopt the video format and start streaming sessions anyway. In the case of a company that deals and sells directly to its final public, there needs to be a concern about how content can educate and nourish the visitor of the company's social channels.

Creating quality content will never cease to be essential for engaging. Before venturing into a live broadcast, try to develop in your content programming on social networks what your audience is interested in seeing or what kind of subject would be most compelling to justify streaming.

A common hurdle in live streaming on Facebook is knowing how to create a natural conversation with the fans of your company's fanpage. Take advantage of the power of the platform to generate opportunities for dialogue, interaction and deepening relationships with your customers.


Influencers have always existed. What the internet and social networks did was increase the reach for this influencer to be heard worldwide.

Identifying influencers in your market segment and beginning to establish relationships so that your marketing strategy is optimized and convey credibility requires long-term thinking.

Many companies treat influencers on time, but the tendency is for marketers to invest in permanent programs with influencers.

Make sure your business has the resources and tools to implement a marketing program that seeks to engage and deepen relationships with these influencers.

The B2C companies have a great stage for growth and development of the influencers of their market segments: 55% of the professionals interviewed by TopRankBlog plan to invest more in this type of action.

This means that engaging with influencers will be increasingly challenged, and creative solutions and new ways of bringing together and deepening the company's relationship with these influencers become increasingly necessary.


The demand for collaborative content that both the social aspect of the network and the creation of content of quality and relevance will be more frequent.

Analyzing the engagement generated by unique and informative content can bring valuable insights into how this content converses with your target audience.

Adapting streamed content to other formats, such as a post on a blog or producing a short video for YouTube, keeps content alive and can have greater insight into the different personas of your business.

There are 2.3 billion active users on social networks and with the increasingly frequent and massive use of mobile devices for internet access, this number only tends to grow.

Much of the Y generation is unaware of the world without social networks, and this trend will expand with the next generations of consumers.

Social networks are part of your life, the way they interact, communicate, research, and consume products and content.

For all this, it will be increasingly important for brands to invest in social media marketing to ensure adherence and results with this new audience profile.

What do you think of the marketing trends on the social networks we share? Do you already use some in your digital marketing strategy? Leave your message in the comments!

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